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You’ve definitely heard of a make-up primer and its numerous cosmetic benefits, but have you ever tried (or even heard of!) a hair primer?

Primers for the face smooth the skin, provide a healthy basis, and provide illuminating and moisturizing properties. Using a hair primer is a game-changer too! It’s the perfect prep for smooth, frizz-free hair. This little beauty is a leave-in hair product that will set you on the path to endless days of easy hair styling. Once you give it a try, there’s no looking back.

What is a hair primer?

What is a hair primer, exactly? Is there a difference between a heat protectant and a hair primer? Yes and no are the answers. There are various hair primers on the market, each aimed towards a specific hair type and need. In general, a hair primer prepares your strands for styling, similar to how a beauty primer prepares your skin for makeup. Heat protection is usually included, and additional features including shine, humidity and frizz control, hold, and conditioning. Isn’t it fantastic? Hair primers exist in various formats, including hairsprays, creams, and mousses, making it simple to select one that suits your needs and hair type.

Like a beauty primer, a hair primer preps your hair and serves as the ideal basis for the rest of your look. It makes hair styling easier and faster, resulting in a gorgeous finish.

A hair primer functions as a leave-in balm, shielding your strands from heat and the elements while smoothing them out for a flawless finish. Hair primers are mainly used to make your hair smooth and lustrous. Our Wonder Balm, for example, has been proved to prevent hair from frizz and humidity for up to 72 hours. It takes less than a minute to apply and provides you three days of frizz-free, ‘good hair.’ Happiness!

Which hair types benefit from the usage of a hair primer?

They’re all there. Oh, my goodness! For all hair types, a primer is a fantastic choice. It might help provide hydration and lustre to your hair if it’s dry and lifeless. It will help to give hair a smoother appearance for those with coarse or frizzy hair.

It will protect you from heat damage if you use a heated appliance to add curls or straighten your hair. It also defines your hair and can be used in conjunction with other volumizing products. May use the primer on any hair length; all you have to do is adjust the amount you use.

It turns out that this is a relatively common occurrence. According to both of our hairdressers, there is a primer for any hair type or concern. “Primers are the building blocks of any hairdo. If your hair is dry and lifeless, some will add lustre, while others will help you detangle knotty hair.” Tim also mentions that Living Proof makes primers for various hair weights. “There are two versions of Living Proof Prime Style Extender Cream: a cream for medium-to-thick hair and a spray for fine-to-medium textures. There’s no need to be concerned about build or weight because both are oil and silicone-free.”

How do you use it?

It’s pretty simple to use! Prepare to be wowed by this balm’s priming abilities.

Apply 3-5 pumps of the product to your palm and then rub it through damp, towel-dried hair from roots to ends for the most outstanding results. Pull the product through your hair with your fingers like a comb to properly distribute it. Allow your hair to air dry, or use your styling tools to blow-dry, curl, wave, or straighten it as desired. You’ll quickly discover the magic. After you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, apply a primer before styling.

What other things may a hair primer be used with?

A primer can be used as a base for all of your goods, assisting them in performing better (much like a make-up primer!) For the ultimate gleaming hair, Percy & Reed recommends combining our Wonder Balm with other products. Do you want to give it a shot? Combine three pumps of Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm and three Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Treatment Oil pumps in a small mixing bowl. When you apply it to towel-dried hair and style it, you’ll get the same mirror-like shine as those perfect Instagram hair images.

Precisely what is hair primer, and what’s its primary purpose? How does it work?

Tim adds, “Primers in haircare, like primers in cosmetics, are designed to create an even foundation surface.” “They form a weightless, humidity-resistant shield that serves as a beautifying barrier to humidity, airborne filth particles, and oil from the scalp whether used alone or before adding other styling products. The advantage of utilizing one is that your style will last longer due to its capacity to withstand moisture disturbance, and it will keep your hair cleaner for longer.” Ben adds a few more advantages of utilizing the product: “They help to protect hair from heat styling, condition it, and give it lustre and smoothness for a healthy appearance.”

Is hair primer equivalent to a moisturizer or a leave-in conditioner?

This product can be used alone or with other styling products, but it should be done after your cleansing and conditioning routine, including your leave-in conditioner. Also, styles that fail or fall out quickly, including blow-outs or curling wand styles, benefit the most from this product. This is a barrier product that acts as a heat protector, so it’s not the same as a leave-in conditioner or a moisturizer because it has numerous purposes. It’s also fantastic to use before any styling session.

After doing some research, it appears that various primers will work well with all hair types, while some may need to be used in concert with other products to get ideal smoothness, frizz control, or shine.

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