About the company.

We want to use our brand to empower women.

Defining beautiful hair is about being healthy, hydrated, and shiny. In pursuit of that, I used products that promised miracles until I discovered that the true miracle lies in the quality of the ingredients.
So, I started creating my own products based on natural and essential oils. Based on the results I found, I partnered with a lab to mix those natural and essential oils with other natural ingredients to provide a better result – and our first collection was born ” Avocado & Honey with Coconut “, a collection that helps with growth, hydration, strength, and shine.

With a heavy emphasis on incorporating organic ingredients, Lacaille Beauty will continue to create lines of natural beauty products for all hair and skin types.

Barbara M.


Lacaille Prods


Lacaille Beauty wants YOU to know that you do not need anything or anyone to feel valuable, because you already are. We want you to value your beauty & value being different, because being different is what beauty represents, it is what makes us unique. We at Lacaille Beauty want to help all people believe in themselves, because if not you, who?

Your Essence

Our hair texture and our skin color are part of us, we must love it and take care of it. This is what LACAILLE is, it is you, your essence, your beauty within, let it SHINE.

You are valuable

This brand is not about selling products to black women, but to make you know and feel that you are valuable. To let you know that we value every cent you spend on Lacaille Beauty. As women ourselves, we know the definition of being a women on this planet, so we created each one of our products with all of us in mind.

100% Satisfaction

We know you are hard working, independent women, mothers etc. so we know you are busy trying to make a name for yourselves. Of course, you want to spend your money with a company with great products, great values, and great customer service. We understand that and we will continue to fulfill those needs. We feel so grateful that you have chosen us to support and uplift. If for some reason you feel that the products do not work for you, please contact us, we will be happy to provide you with solution.